Welcome to 99th LCI Convention attendees

Fukuoka, Japan

If you came to this page from a badge swapped at the 99th Lions Clubs International Convention in Fukuoka, welcome!

Shizunai Lions Club is based in Shinhidaka in Hokkaidō, Japan’s northernmost island. Founded in 1961, this year we celebrated our 55th anniversary, with a current membership of 66 lions ranging in age from 31 to 92. Each year our members organize or support around 20 local activities, including junior soccer and basketball tournaments, tree-planting initiatives, road safety campaigns, and blood drives.

Our web page is almost entirely in Japanese, but please enjoy the photographs, which cover all our activities and meetings going back 6 years.

  • Shizunai Lions Club members in April 2016


2016年06月23日 18時00分


  • 次期会長L原順一にバッジが引き継がれました

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